’tis the season

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Date: 22nd December 2009

Music: Owl City – The Christmas Song

Lyn is: swooning.

* dreamy sigh*

It’s Christmas and we walk alone
Two strangers with no one to miss us
On our own
Out in the cold

Trudging onward
Braving a harsh winter storm
You and I met passing by
And now our spirits feel warm

I don’t have anyone at home to talk to
And you don’t have anything to do
So I’ll spend my Christmas with you
I’ll spend my Christmas with you

It’s Christmas and we are in love
With the way that the soft snowflakes kiss us
From far above
The blustery breeze

Trudging onward
Braving a harsh winter storm
You and I met passing by
And now our spirits feel warm

I believe that Jesus is truly the only way
I celebrate Christmas because it’s his birthday

I don’t have anyone at home to talk to
And you don’t have anything to do
So I’ll spend my Christmas with you
I’ll spend my Christmas with you
I’ll spend my Christmas with you
I’ll spend my Christmas with you

[Owl City, The Christmas Song]


So painfully fan-girly,



“where’d you hear that from?”

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Date: 17th October 2009

Music: The Fear, Lily Allen

Lyn is: musing / pondering.


to me, that’s about all it’s good for, really. xD

After having kept several blogs, Friendster, and now a Facebook account, i’m pretty much certain that i’m not exactly the most private person, in the sense that i don’t purposefully keep to myself. As a matter of fact, i get decidedly excited at even the prospect of being able to share something, like those moments when i’m not at home, and get struck by a sudden thought and i have to announce / blurt / rant / rave /  giggle / present  it on my Facebook page via mobile. (Speaking of which, i don’t think i’ve officially introduced my new gadget on my blog yet, along with the tons of other things i have yet to blog about)

So yes, i like sharing my thoughts, my moments, my issues, and so on. I once had a theory that i’m more taken by the idea of expressing myself in a literal way, just the endeavour of forming my jumbled brainworks into appropriate words and then getting them properly odered and arranged intro proper and coherent sentences,  far more than i enjoy the actual sharing of myself to others. But then i realized that that theory may have held water if i wasn’t blogging to … well, basically anyone and everyone, really. And while i maintain that i’d like the contents of my pages to be viewed by those i do know, and even more so by those i’m actually writing to or about, or writing with them in mind, i can’t deny either that it’s pleasant to find that a new friend has become a follower of my (currently rather dead) blog, or even that a relative actually found my space (yes, i’m talking about you, cousin dearest).


Sometimes i get… (‘annoyed’ being too strong a feeling) awkward, and fine, perhaps even a tinge of annoyance, when people know things about me that i thought they wouldn’t /didn’t, and more importantly, that i don’t remember telling them. No, it’s not scandalous things about how i cheated on Melia with Evie (Ooops), but details of / about me that are really harmless and sometimes even trivial.It’s usually something like me getting a shock when someone gives me the “i know where you were last week…” when i never told anyone. Or about someone i’ve been seeing rather often, or some place i’ve been going, or a random activity / excursion that i got hooked on. (Come to think of it, all of them sound rather shady, but the real events are totally normal and proper, i promise.)  But think about it. Since they (he / she / it) heard it from someone, since it obviously wasn’t me, what about the times when there’s misunderstanding? Or wrong information? Or what if it wasn’t something i wanted to share with anyone else? Or what if someone just really really has to say something nasty about me, just to get it out of their system?

I know what you’re thinking. I’m being a drama queen again, aren’t i? Maybe i am. But at least you heard that first hand from me, right? (There she goes again..)

Having said all that, and admitting that really, i’m not famous, let alone popular enough, to be talked about that often, i just feel that if it’s about me, you should hear it from the latter. Ooooh, i’m being nitpicky again.

“What product should Apple release next?”

“Oooooh, they should come up with this really expensive product that would be really hard to get your hands on because it costs so much, and it doesn’t really do anything, or it doesn’t work. Then they could call it iRony!”

[~ some Aussie stand-up comedy]

Have a good weekend, dear readers! =)



while i was in pain…

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Date: 6th September 2009

Music: We made you, Eminem

Lyn is: being un-ladylike



Took a trip down the road for a visit to the 24-hour clinic because of the spasms of pain around my abdominal area. Despite the late hour, there was still a line of patients, so was forced to squirm and writhe in pain while stuck in the waiting room. Then, after what seemed like agonizing hours  (in truth, the line wasn’t that long, i was just exaggerating, a privilege i reckon i qualify for, since i’m in pain), i got diagnosed with a mild  case of food poisoning (mild?!), along with yet another one for the record-

Doctor: Have you just finished your UPSR?

lyn: *stunned and in pain, so just kept quiet*

Mum: *laughs* UPSR… *in a reminisce-ish tone* That was a long time ago.

Ah, i’ll live. With both the pain and misconceptions, while they last. ;)

Have a good week, dear readers.



story of my life?

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Date: 31st August 2009

Music: Ordinary Day, Katheine McPhee

Lyn is: heartsick


…watch the world pass you by.

[Vietnam, 2009]

I’ve always thought that most things required to be rather profound or exciting before they qualified or were worthy to be blogged about, or reported. I’d always deemed my blog to be a treasure throve of those fragments or snapshots of those parts of my life, those solitary moments where i felt compelled to put my thoughts or feelings into concise sentences, not just for my future self, but for others who want to know what’s going on in my life, with me, around me. I liked the intense jolt of nostalgia or the mere experience of being brought back to that place or feeling that i’d had at some other point in my life.

Then my phone deleted my archive of text messages.

Leaving me with this sense of emptiness, perhaps even of abandonment, an eerie echo of  incompletion.

Thinking back, i don’t think i had many messages that were that special, it isnt like people write heartbreakingly beautiful sms-es or anything. But being a collector of sorts, it frustrated me to no end that this mass of information – appointment dates and times, lame jokes, birthday wishes, hormonal rants, familiar banter, unimportant details and complaints, instructions on how to live life my way…- was gone, all gone, disappearing into this abyss of nothing-ness and non-existence. It was as if 3months-worth of my life’s essence and, in a way, journaling, had been totally erased and cruelly swiped out from before my eyes and from my head, in a blink of an eye.

Then i realized that memories or recollections, however detailed i may record them, cannot be brought back with as much fullness and life, when i focused on those ‘big’ things, issues, etc. I do miss those little, seemingly insignificant bits.

…In a way, this is my way of resolving to chronicle my life, no matter how uninspired i may sound at times, or how mundane and routine it may come to sound. But in detail and innocent ranting comes richness and completion, kan? Besides, it’s my story. …And i’m not always profound or exciting. xD

…To those who have missed me so, i apologize. I will try to update my blog more often, so do try to bear with me, and perhaps i’ll even venture into saying thanks for being loyal followers to the point of chastising me to update?

Smiles and laugh, with a tinge of loss and mourning.


the blonde

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Date: 16th April 2009

Music: Falling in love with you, The Corrs

Lyn was: slightly high.

Alright. I was sitting in the garden with mum late on Thursday night, watching her as she tended to her beloved orchids. Doing nothing in particular except throwing her random statements or questions and stroking my dog, who was lying by my feet, i suddenly trailed off while flipping the aforementioned canine’s ears back and forth, between my fingers. Then out of the blue, came the first few lines of the composition below, and i promise, my mum stopped and turned around, this look that said ‘did you have something funny for lunch?’ frozen across her features.

So forgive me if it isn’t perfect or of much literary value, as t was at the spur of the moment, and i just sribbled it down.

Jiji, oh Jiji, with ears so fine,
silken to touch, ever divine.
Your short, unfussed coat,
like honeyed sunshine.
What paws to behold,
so well defined.
Whiskers that prickle,
even those i don’t mind.

Majestic fur chest proudly held out,
Your characteristic pout,
Perpetually moist snout (xD)
Those that sparkle with content,
with mischief and yet hold poise,
a warm amber are your eyes.

Demure yet exciteable,
Foolish yet wise.
How you stile our hearts,
even when you were half your size.

Dedicated to the ever attention-deprived one, who, in some ways, is greatly similar to a pig.


Yes, you will be fed tomorrow as well. xD


Sikit-sikit, lama-kelamaan menjadi bukit…

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Date: 31st March 2009
Music: Tightrope, Stephanie McIntosh
Lyn is: determined.

I’ll admit, i was excited about Earth Hour. No, i wasn’t at some gathering for the event itself, but i did turn off all the lights in the house and sit outside in the garden with mum to paint toenails by candlelight. xD

Don’t want it to be a hype that dies away and is forgotten, until the annual event comes up again. Therefore, have come up with a practical, albeit rather silly list of what i pledge to do, so  my future generations have the opportunity to break a few limbs from climbing trees,  be afraid of butterflies, sprint away at the sight of a cockroach, watch beetles scale the undulating surface of their thumbs, be able to be cornered by leeches when taking hikes in massive forests, get swept  downstream by strong river currents, and have the company of exceptionally attention-deprived (ie: maja) dogs.


credits: Kharax

1. I will unplug the chargers, etc from the  electrical sockets, since they apparently still use up electrical energy while plugged in (even if the switches are turned off).

2. Instead of driving for less than 2 kilometres, i will walk down to the shops to buy the groceries

3. I will learn from the ever-practical Win and throw my cardboard  Rocky packaging into the ‘paper’ recycling chute

4. I will get a grip and save water by not attempting to drown cockroaches and just. squish. them. instead. It is very unrealistic to still believe that they can actually crawl up your arm when you didn’t really cream them on the first blow.

5. Plastic bags aren’t biodegradeable. I will therefore TRY to master the art of picking up after my dog, using old newspaper instead of plastic bags, even if the former is a much safer alternative.

6. The air conditioner actually keeps the room at a certain temperature, so keeping it on an hour before i’m actually in the room will not make it more comfortable. I can afford to sweat a little, the earth’s atmospheric layer can’t..

7. Taps don’t have a mind of their own and don’t turn themselves off when the water isn’t being used. I will therefore make it a point to turn them off, no matter how short a time i feel i’m ‘just letting it run’, even if it means getting toothpaste down my wrist.

8. I will not succumb to my obsessive compulsive behaviour and refrain from using 3 pieces of tissue paper during the course of one meal.

9. All paper deserves to be recycled, no matter how disasterous and unsatisfactory i may find the content. (ie: essays that turned out THAT bad shouldn’t just be crumpled up and vehemently thrown into the rubbish bin)

10. I will print on both sides of the paper.




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Date: 16th February 2009

Music: Un Giorno per Noi, Josh Groban

Lyn is: on a roll. xD


*stomach growls*

From Mia. For Mia (to relieve her of syiok-sendiri-ness). Come to think of it, i miss Mia. o.O

Rules: Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real, nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name? : Su-lyn.

2. A four letter word : Sean.  (a recurring thought during all the times i’ve wanted to start cursing at you. xD)

3. A boy’s name : *looks at previous* … Samuel.

4. A girl’s name : Samantha. (that was easy… xD)

5. An occupation : Scientist?

6. A color :Silver (oh mia… =D )

7. Something you’ll wear : Socks.

8. A sport: Skating!

9. A food : Sushi.

10. Something found in the bathroom: Soap.

11. A place : Santa Maria (ah. memories.)

12. A reason for being late : stuck in traffic.

13. Something you’d shout : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

14. A movie title : Saving Private Ryan

15. Something you drink : Smoothies

16. A musical group : Sting?

17. An animal : Stag

18. A street name : Sultan Something Something?

19. A type of car : Saloon? xD

20. The title of a song? : Saving me, Nickleback.

…..and that’s all folks!!

Nites, and have a great week, my dear readers. =)