Date: 9th February 2010

Posted on: 17th February 2010, 0327

Music: For your entertainment, Adam Lambert.

Lyn is: working on it.

Day II is Aussieland and i’ve already been addressed (haha, forgive how literal i’m being) by the amazing service here.

My reply – “It’s alright, i’ve just landed anyway.”

I’m pleasantly surprised at how efficient our very own PosLaju is- i’ve sent a few boxes of my stuff over to the house in Aussieland (yes Sean, i’m such a girl. xD) and while the staff at the post office predicted that my boxes would only arrive 2weeks from the date i’ve posted them, they reached the aussie doorstep much earlier than that. Of course our mail services back home can’t compare to this (i think it’s brilliant) idea (instead of just leaving packages unattended at receivers’ doorsteps), i do think that our postal system does deserve a little applause.

Uncle’s gone back to school (he’s a teacher, took a day off to take us around the day before), so dad got out the nifty gadget called the GPS, attached it to the car, and we set off for King’s Park. Located just a bit past Perth city, it’s one of the most beautiful and big parks around. In the trustworthy hands of Matt (so we’ve named the male, Aussie-sounding version of our GPS navigator), we reached the park and basically spent the rest of the day there.


As big as the park is, i’m only providing a few pictures and a bunch of comments. Most of the better pictures were taken with my mum’s camera, anyway. Maybe i’ll add a few more in a separate post, if i suddenly catch the mood. So a short post for today, but enjoy it, nevertheless. =)


textures, JA? ;)

i’m sunburnt, but don’t know it yet.

i’m not kidding. barely a week here, and i’ve already got uneven and very very strange tan lines. Aussie sun is no joke. It’s brutal, strong, and very very sneaky. (i don’t feel it that much because the air is dry so it’s significantly cooler here than it is back home)

treetop walk

Under the shelter of the trees, this was probably the most enjoyable part of the walk. Not simply because we were spared the intense heat of the sun, but because of the view- besides the other trees and overall exhilaration of being so high up, being on the bridge also allows one to look out and catch this view of the sea, and parts of Perth city. Also, the little aesthetics of the bridge like the quirky information boards and the specially-designed-by-australian-artist plagues along the walk.

maybe it was because i was so high up, but i really enjoyed reading how trees, dreams, life, man, and nature, all intertwine and flow.

gum nut?

walk away, we’ve got all day.


pretty, high up.


I simply marvel at and admire how there can be such a beautiful park so near the bustling city of Perth. Not just how it’s preserved, but how it’s maintained, looked after, and constantly being improved. I’m just impressed at how there can be so much nature within a city.

and of course, i always try to leave you with something beautiful. =)

contained wilderness?

smiles and my usual dose of insanity,



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