Date: 8th February 2010

Posted on: 17th February 2010, 0150

Music: Say goodnight, The Click5.

Lyn is:way behind schedule on her blogging?

Getting up in a new room is always weird. Even if it’s a five-star bedroom (with gorgeous carpeting, a view, and potpourri), i reckon i’d still feel disoriented. Waking up on this considerably different bed felt alien. Not seeing my slanted roof, bronzed fan, purple curtains… was queer.

Anyway. After the fairly normal routine of cleaning up and having breakfast, we (meaning the immediate family as well as the uncle, since aunt and cousins were working) headed to the nearest (and only)  mall (approximately 5minutes away) to make my stay in aussieland official. Meaning, we opened a bank account. For the moment, i’m financially sound. xD

Drove (uncle did, not me) into Fremantle to make some enquiries at the uni (i shan’t bore you with the boring admin details), then we headed a few streets away for lunch.

*Just a word of precaution. Most posts will contain obscene amounts of food tales and pictures. Proceed only if sure your stomach acids will not go on strike and corrode the walls of your stomach at the mere sight of all the cuisine presented. Much caution should be exercised when confronting such elements.

Wait in line.

Everyone keeps telling me to stop converting currency in my head, but i just can’t help it. Really. I try, but everytime i consider purchasing something, i multiply and work out how much it is in ringgit, resulting in there being no purchase in the end. Uncle and aunt tell me that i’ll have to stop this or i’ll never buy anything, but… o.O

Spot the resemblance?

[dad and uncle loon]

With Chinese New Year around the corner (a very ‘family’ festival, in my opinion), i’m reminded of how… different my family is. While most family reunions are the highlight of most of my friends’ calendars during this season, my parents and i are usually found at another family’s reunion dinner (our annual ‘infiltration’ ,as i call it), but with invitation, of course. Not that the Yeangs are estranged or anything, it’s just that:

1) we’re a big family – dad’s got 5 brothers and 2 sisters…

2) most of which are overseas

so there isn’t much of a feasible plan for a reunion dinner, unless there’s a ton of spare cash lying around to purchase tickets for family members to fly to a designated home for a meal.

Moore & Moore is an art gallery + cafe which was highly recommended by my uncle not only for the food, but for the nice and quaint courtyard at the back where diners are allowed  to sit and enjoy their meals (we aren’t such art-buffs, really). Not much of a connoisseur, i shan’t attempt to put into words the nuances of tastes, but simply provide you with pictures. Feast your eyes, then? =)

Chicken and veggie roll + salad

The thing about this (seemingly) plain roll is what’s inside. The chicken and veggie are both normal, but the sauce was this amazing mix of tomato, pumpkin, herbs, and other spices- all pureed together and spread generously.

mum’s Caesar Salad.

Sandwich + salad

Oh. Another thing about the dishes is their salad. Random veggies (including rocket, which i don’t like so much) tossed around with olive oil and a sweet-ish balsamic vinegar (i’m guessing there’s some sort of infusion with the latter, maybe a fruity one)- simple but brilliant.

favourite boy in the whole wide world. =)

Considering the fact that he’s skipping a few days of college, having this prolonged CNY holiday, there isn’t a reason in the world that he shouldn’t have that grin on his face. But well, he’s having a raspberry and rhubarb pie, of course this glutton’s happy. xD

Full and content, we wandered the streets of Fremantle (known affectionately as ‘Fre-O’ by locals), stopping by second hand bookstores, furniture shops, and the like.

really, we’ve such thick skin. even in a foreign country. xD

Picture taken in a furniture shop (parents and uncle obviously busy with the browsing). The impressive thing about the furniture is that despite being pricey and all, the wood used is predominantly recycled. Meaning, the wood used to make a bed frame could’ve been used for a roof, or a picture frame’s material could’ve come from what used to be a table. In the above picture, the Jarah wood used for the mirror’s frame is one of the most expensive, old, and protected (?) type of wood around.

Tired of wandering, we jumped back into the car and took a scenic route home, stopping by this hilly view-point. Something that struck my fancy (and caught my attention, snapping me out of my heat-stricken stuphor) was this amphitheater. Outdoor and built in the remains of a quarry, i got excited just looking at it, imagining how amazing any performance would be, held there. (Not to mention the ballet troupe of WA will be holding performances there this season.)

outdoor entertainment.

Safe to say, we reached home alright, even with my uncle’s “lead foot” on the accelerator (notice the quotation marks. that came from my cousin, not me.)

Shall leave you with one last picture, my dear readers. =)

and of course, the sky is just as beautiful over at this side of the world.

tons of smiles and more than happy to donate sunshine,



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