Date & time: 8th February 2010, 0313

Posted on: 11th February 2010, 1146

Music: When your heart stops beating, Plus44

Lyn is: dazed?

It’s 3 in the morning, and i should be sleeping since there’s probably a long day ahead tomorrow, but as per usual, my nocturnal habits have gotten the better of me. There isn’t any wireless internet connection in my uncle’s place(for those who don’t know, i’m staying / leeching / free-loading at my uncle (and his family’s) home, which is about 15minutes from my uni), so you’re not reading this real-time.

Anyway, it was a fairly emotional Sunday. Probably the hardest service to swallow, not because of the worship, or the sermon, but because of the goodbyes-have never been any good at handling them. Admittedly, it was easier than most goodbyes, for various reasons. Firstly, because it’s been coming, and it’s already been expected for quite a while now. Secondly, because i believe that the world truly is smaller now, because of the internet we’ve been so spoiled with. Also, i’m only 5.5hours away, and even share the same timezone as those back home! And besides, i kept telling myself that it wasn’t as if i’m never coming back. I think that this time was one of the very few times that my logic superceeded my emotional reaction(s). And of course, that i know that i’m where He wants me to be, or rather headed towards it, that makes all the difference in the world.

…But i will miss you. Each and every one of you.

But. I will be back.


90% of all that belongs to yours truly. ;)

I’m quite surprised at how well the flight went. I usually suffer on board aircrafts, because i usually become an insomniac and am further tortured by the fact that i can’t move about. Not that i’m an exceptionally active person, just that extended periods of minimal limb-movement gives me cramps and a general uneasy feeling. But today’s was fine. My insufferable bladder only started acting up towards the end of the flight (and i had identified the locations of all available lavatories, so it was fine), the seat wasn’t such a literal pain in the neck,  the food was actually very nice (poached salmon with cream sauce, boiled potatoes, and grilled vegetables as a main course with the usual bun, butter, crackers, cheese, salad, and chocolate combination), and time passed rather quickly. We (ie: Yeang household, KL branch) landed at the Perth International Airport at a quarter to midnight, right on schedule. Immigration was a breeze, but sadly, unlike my last visit in September, there wasn’t a cute (blue-eyed brunette) Aussie dude manning the customs counter because (as per usual) i did have something to declare (bamboo-lining of CNY lanterns we bought for my aunt, as well as cooking paste). Oh well. Moving on, we were received by cousin dearest and aunty jo, while uncle loon drove his saloon car up to the curb where we waited, trailer attached to the back of his vehicle! Admittedly, it was a pretty ingenius thing to do, considering that we had 3 large suitcases, 1 small trolley bag, dad’s golf bag, and a box of foodstuff.

Aussieland is cool, if you’d like to know. For now. Since the sun isn’t even out yet.

Noteable changes to the Yeang residence (Perth branch). Uncle extended the driveway, for one. I have to tell lengthy stories about the amazing handyman my uncle is. But that’s for another day. So yes, we brought our luggage in, unpacked a bit while catching up, and retired, for the sake of my relatives who, unlike us, have to work tomorrow morning (ie: in about 4 hours from now).

In case you’re wondering, i’ve been given / blessed with a room of my own. In the past, it was always referred to as ‘the guest room’, this cozy little part of the house. (Will try to find the picture of it i took a few years back)But when i opened the door this time, i was amazed. Yes, it’s essentially the same, but believe it or not, my uncle spent the last 3 days building the bed for me. It’s smaller than the previous one (so as to be able to fit the side table in, i’m guessing), but is more than enough- i’m supposed to grow smaller, anyway. The wax apparently hasn’t really set, and is supposed to smell, but i think the wave of appreciation and gratitude hit me harder.

Personally, i love my new room. Sure, it isn’t purple and queen-of-the-world-ish like my Malaysian one is, but it’s built on and of the same essentials and values, namely family, love, and function, and that’s more than i could ever ask for.

So, sitting on the (seriously solid) bed of mine, it’s here that i shall bid you goodnight, dear reader. May the week ahead be as awesome as i imagine mine will be.

Smiles and laughs,


p/s: Once my other posts are up, you’ll realize why it took ages for just one post to appear. xD

p/p/s: miss me yet? ;)


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5 Responses to “Arrival”

  1. Ishhhh. Glad you’re safe and somewhat happy there! You definitely have to post pics up soon. Have a wonderful week with your family! And yes, it’s so much easier to contact each other with the amazing Internet. We WILL keep in touch. XDDD

  2. I miss you so much already! <3

  3. you’ll have a blast! study hard cos you’ll need to come back and babysit my baby and bring her to nice restaurants =)

  4. [JA]: More pics up! =)

    [Evie]: Awww… Hugs, dearie. =)

    [GE]: i think i’m just waiting to start studying. feeling agitated that it hasn’t started yet, funnily. I’m such a nerd. xD …Yesyes. We’ve already got something for her, actually. Please remind mum to give it to you, just in case she forgets. ;)

  5. Oooohhhh…baby Anna’s first gift! Cools! I shall tell her it’s from you when er she understands proper English =p Aiyo, why lar you want to start studying so much? I am wishing I was 4yrs old now so i don’t have to work!

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