Date: 26th June 2008

Music: Shake it, Metrostation (daft lyrics, infectous beat)

Lyn is: “dying to go for English”

… Every now and then i get weird long stretches of free periods in between classes so that i end up staying in college for the entire day. Today is one of those days. Sofor you manusia’s who see me online and ask “Aren’t you supposed to be in college?”,well, you know what i do with my spare time. Haha.

Most people, especially from A-Levels would be smart and go and finish their homework. Don’t get me wrong, i do (or i wouldn’t be able to cope with the staggering workload). But this is one of those days that i don’t feel like poring over the textbooks for 2 hours straight in the freezing library.

Was tagged ages ago. Will do that now.


1. What was i doing 10 years ago?

being an eight year old ; doing standard 2 ; OMG, taking Maths tuition in Ms. Wong’s house and staying there from after-school until the evening until it seemed like i lived there! ; probably still reading Enid Blyton ; having crushes.

2. 5 things on my to-do-list today

*checks diary* hmmm… bring ‘Juno’ for Xin Yee, get original study psy notes from Ms. Ida, finish Psy essay, finish Math homework, musical practice, ECHO meeting, get dinner for just bro and i since we got ‘abandoned’… Oops… i’ve more than 5… but you get my point.

3. 5 snacks i enjoy

Eclipse (it’s a mint, but it’s at the top of my list), dark chocolate, green tea ice cream, sour cream and onion chips, cornflakes.

4. 5 things i would do if i were a billionaire

10% goes to tithes. (i KNOW it sound very pious!) i owe my mum that BMW 4-wheel drive. my dad still wants that 10-acre farm of his. i owe many people uber belated birthday presents. i’d like to visit Japan again.

5. 5 of my bad habits

being judgemental and biased. short temper. verbal diarrhoea. ignoring people. being hypersensitive.

6. 5 places i have lived:

SS2 . Taman Seputeh . Bandar Sunway . Bukit Jelutong . the Tan (Wen An) residence (as a temporary occupant on different times of weekdays, over a period of about 3 years. rent not paid.)

That’s about it. Surprisingly easy, actually. xD

Math class in half an hour…


edit: thanks for making my heart nearly stop. nothing like a pleasant jolt before i face class, you reckon? xD


~ by phoenixlyn on June 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “pseudostudiousness”

  1. *snickers chuckles and guffaws* Since you don’t have a chatbox I guess I’ll have to do this here. Bored stiff waiting for my next class to start so spending the time reading fanfic and scanning ppl’s blogs. I guess I really should update mine more.. XD Cheers, mei.. It’s been a really really really long time since I’ve seen you.. =[ I miss you! Okay, drama moment over.. Haha..

  2. You’re always drama, lah you. Haha. Ah well. We have to go out one of these days. With Win, Mia, JA, Jan, the whole nutter gang. Oh, and Ah Ying, if she’ll come back for us. Miss you, but hope that you’re having the time of your life. Take care, ne, kor? =)

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